The Top 10 Advantages of Flying Private

The Top 10 Advantages of Flying Private

When people think about private jet travel, the first word that comes to mind is luxury, and whilst private jet travel is luxurious, the real advantages of flying by private jet are convenience and flexibility.

With private jet travel, you take control of your time and fly to your own schedule. Let’s see what other benefits there are to traveling by private jet.


Time is the one thing you can never have enough of. It is precious and time is money so wouldn’t it be great if we could all save a bit of time? Well, with private jet travel, you can do just that. Unlike scheduled flights, you set your own schedule, so you fly at a time that suits you from an airport of your choice. You only need to arrive at the airport 15-minutes prior to your departure time and flying from a dedicated private terminal means you avoid the lengthy check-in and security queues. Private jets also have access to more than 5000 airports worldwide, so you are not wasting time with transfers and connections, and flying to airports closer to your destination, maximizes your time and minimizes hassle.



Private jets tend to be faster as they plan their own route and are not tied to specific routes and networks like scheduled airlines. They climb faster and higher than commercial airlines, helping them avoid busy routes and air traffic and allowing them to reach their destination quicker. Also, avoiding larger international airports and using smaller domestic airports speed up the whole airport process.


There is no waiting in queues for customs & immigration or to collect your bags, just disembark the aircraft and climb into the car waiting for you on the tarmac whilst the airport handlers load your bags directly into the vehicle. It couldn’t be simpler!


There are over 7000 private jets to choose from worldwide, each with its own unique interior but we think you will agree that whatever jet you choose you are guaranteed to arrive at your destination in comfort, luxury, and style. Private jets have spacious cabins with luxurious, comfortable seats and in larger jets, the seats can be made into beds ensuring you arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed.



All private jets must be registered and maintained to the standards required by the world’s air regulators. All crews must have the relevant licenses and qualifications and all aircraft operators must have an Operator’s License and a relevant Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). These documents are checked and updated by the relevant authorities on a regular basis. Flying by private jet is a very safe and efficient way to travel.



You set your own schedule, flying at a time that suits you. Running late? Don’t worry, the jet waits for you. Flying by private jets also means you can fly to multiple cities in one day and arrive at smaller airports closer to your destination that scheduled airlines don’t fly to, saving you time and money.



Most airports have their own dedicated private jet terminals with luxury lounges so you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the main terminal. This is particularly convenient for high-profile celebrities looking to escape the lens of prying paparazzi. The privacy also extends on board your private jet. A private jet is just that…. private! Only those invited are welcome on board. High-level executives can conduct confidential business deals without the distractions and privacy concerns associated with scheduled flying.



The spacious cabin and wi-fi connection, allow you to turn your jet into an office. Conduct business meetings with colleagues, finish that last-minute proposal, and respond to urgent emails whilst in transit. Flying by private jet means you never miss out on that all-important deadline.



With over 7000 private jets available worldwide, each with its own unique interior, you choose which jet you would like to fly in. You can customize your flight to suit you. Whether that means, ordering your catering from your favorite restaurant, smoking on board, or bringing your pet on holiday with you, there will be a private jet to suit.


Travel with pets

Most people find it difficult to leave their pets when traveling for long periods of time but flying by private jet means you can bring your pet with you. Your pet can travel in the cabin, making it less stress-free for both you and your pet.



Whilst different jets have different luggage capacities, if you choose the right jet for your requirements then there are no restrictions to the amount of luggage that you can bring on board. You do not pay extra for additional bags and all your items are stored in the aircraft hold or in luggage compartments within the cabin, making it easier to access your luggage during the flight. You also avoid the lengthy check-in queues as your luggage is directly taken to the aircraft when you arrive at the private jet lounge.


So next time you are planning to travel, consider the benefits of traveling by private jet and see how it could improve your overall travel experience, but remember once you fly private, you won’t want to go back!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are still unsure about a few of the benefits that flying private can offer, we covered the most commonly asked questions regarding the topic. The most crucial idea to retain is that a private flight is always designed to meet your needs. Once you try it for the first time, you’ll understand why our top 10 may feel short, after all.

What is the best benefit of flying private?

With all the advantages the private flying sector offers, it is difficult for us to pick the most rewarding one. Next to the comfort and the ability to customize your journey, private flights offer simplicity and a level of privacy that is hard to match. Enjoying your journey from the first minute until you reach your destination is a guaranteed experience.

Is flying on private jets smoother than commercial flights?

Private jets fly at a higher altitude than commercial planes. Besides finding less air traffic, jets can get around bad weather conditions more easily. Also, the air is thinner at higher altitudes, reducing the risk of poor weather and turbulence. The result should, therefore, become a more relaxed and smoother flight.

Can I bring everything on a private jet?

One of the best benefits of flying private is that there are virtually no restrictions on what you can bring on board. There is no limit to the number of products you can carry on board, including liquids, and no baggage allowance. Although some private planes may have reduced space or limited weight restrictions, there is a range of jet models sure to suit all your needs.

Can flying private be cheaper than commercial air travel?

In some instances, yes. Generally speaking, flying in a private jet is more expensive than a commercial one. However, you can often find promotional campaigns and offers. Depending on the number of people you share the flight with, prices can quickly become competitive – especially if you consider the added benefits of unparalleled comfort, privacy, and luxury.

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