For medical air transport, medical evacuation, and medical repatriation, Global Airway has extensive experience. Our crew is capable and ready to help you with a medical flight around-the-clock, whether it's for patients and their families, medical professionals, or insurance companies.

Air Ambulance, Medical Air Transport and Medical Evacuation

Medical Repatriation

Global Airway is able to charter air ambulance to quickly repatriate civilians from dangerous areas, victims of natural disasters or patients who need to be repatriated to their country urgently. An ambulance jet enables fast repatriation and immediate care of the patient. Whether you have experienced injuries, illness or trauma while abroad, our medical crew is experienced in repatriating patients safely back via air ambulance.
We have access to ambulance aircraft all over the world. We charter a plane in just a few hours.

Bed to Bed Transportation

Our team can organize a bed to bed transportation. We provide the ambulance transfer between the hospital and the departure airport, the flight by ambulance plane, and the last ambulance transfer between the arrival airport and the destination hospital.
Transfers can be done by ambulance or helicopter.
The patient is transported under the best conditions and under the constant supervision of a competent medical team.

Air Transport of Patient with Infectious Disease

We have access to a fleet of ambulance aircraft capable of transferring patients with highly infectious diseases, such as the coronavirus covid-19. These medical aircraft have a stretcher in the form of a portable isolation chamber which allows a patient to be transported without the risk of air contamination. They are also equipped with intensive care equipment such as ventilator and a naesthetic machine .
The transfer of the contagious patient is carried out under the supervision of a medical team experienced in this type of transportation.

Air Transport of Critically ill Patient

Intensive care patients are patients whose survivor functions are impaired and who need further intensive medication, close follow-up and care. In case of an urgent need to transfer a critically ill patient, our team quickly charters a ambulance aircraft. The plane is equipped with all the intensive care equipment as in Intensive Care Unit, allowing optimal and continuous care throughout the duration of the flight. We dedicate a medical team experienced in intensive care and air transfer.

Pediatric and Neonatal Air Transport 

A child who must be transferred to receive appropriate care in another hospital must be transported under the best possible conditions. We charter an air ambulance dedicated to pediatric transport. A pediatric medical team accompanies the child during the flight to maintain continuous care.
In the event of a premature birth, we can provide a medical aircraft equipped with an incubator. The premature child is transferred in the best possible conditions with newborn intensive care  professionals. 

Air Transport of Blood Reserves, Human Organs and Drugs

An ambulance aircraft is the most reliable and fastest means of transport for the transport of human organs for transplant, blood reserves or urgent medicines.
Our team has access to planes dedicated to this kind of transport all over the world. We charter the plane that best meets your needs as fast as possible. We can also charter helicopters for transfers from hospitals or laboratories to airports, and vice versa.
We are fully dedicated to provide a fast and efficient transfer.

Ambulance Helicopter

To evacuate a patient from a hard-to-reach area or make a transfer between two hospitals, Global Airway can dispatch a ambulance helicopter. These helicopters are equipped with medical and intensive care equipment. They allow rapid transfer and continuous medical care of the patient.
We have worldwide coverage for chartering this type of helicopter.

Medical Travel

Some patients opt to have a surgery abroad, often for cosmetic or plastic surgeries. Our team can charter a private jet to facilitate travel. The private jet brings comfort, speed and discretion to the patient.
We can provide the services of a nurse to provide care during the return flight.

  • Private TransportYes
  • Food And DrinksNo
  • Entrance FeesYes
  • Airport TransfersYes
  • Additional ServicesYes

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